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30 Jul 2014

IPv6 服务开启时 PHP 连接 memcached 失败的原因


之前一直用 链接 memcached ,最近偷懒改用APMServ搭建服务器,结果用 localhost 却发现怎么也无法接通 memcached。查了许久发现是 IPv6 的问题。附上原因。

On my Debian Squeeze system I was getting WRITE FAILURE errors. After debugging and finally tcpdump it seems that the problem was me adding the server ‘localhost’, which resolved to ‘::1’ (ipv6) while the default memcached server on debian only listens to ‘’ (ipv4). DNS automatically prefers ipv6 over ipv4.

I added the server ‘’ instead and everything worked. You could also disable ipv6 or have memcached listen on ::1

By Robbie De Lise (2 years ago)

from http://www.php.net/manual/zh/memcached.addserver.php

即是说,memcached 默认监听 ,如果要支持 IPv6,则必须监听 ::1 。而在某些系统开了 IPv6 支持以后,localhost 就被自动指向了 ::1,即时修改 hosts 文件也无法改变。(Windows 8.1 x64 Pro 为例,关掉 IPv6 服务即可解决)

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